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Published on June 5, 2007 By PacDragon In Travel
Getting ready for Vegas, so bought a bunch of traveling gear. Have you ever seen the Scottevest? They're these neat jackets with a ton of hidden pockets and they let you string wires (like headphones) through the lining of the jacket. I got one years ago, but it's old, ratty, and the zipper broke. So I went back to their site to pick up some new stuff for my trip.

I found this awesome hoodie there. It can get pretty cold in the casinos (and it my native San Francisco), so I like to wear a sweatshirt or something else comfortable at the tables. Then I can just tie it around my waist when I leave. This one has nice deep pockets, plus it'll hold my ipod and let me string my earphones up to the hood. Keeps all the wires hidden and even has pockets to hold my water bottles. My wife'll be sewing some stuff on it to make it look more interesting (Blackbeard's flag on the back, a black heart on the front, etc).

I also picked up the Bose TriPort IE earbuds. I mainly bought them because of the bad reviews they got I was looking for a high end set of earbuds that didn't have noise cancellation. I like to listen to music, but still want to hear all the table chatter around me. These ones got slammed for the terrible noise cancellation, which is a big win for me. Apparently, they're also a little heavy on the bass. But I can live with that, since I can fix that with my ipod's equalizer.

I also picked up a pair of hidden cargo pants. These are really great. They look & fit just like the pants I normally wear, but they've got these really deep hidden pockets. Perfect for stashing my cell phone, calculator, pens, notebook, card protector, hiding my bankroll, etc. Without any weird bulging and I can keep the "main" pockets empty.

The other thing I got was one of their hats. More hidden pockets, where I'll probably stick my room key. Those pants have magnets to keep the pockets closed, so could potentially wipe out a hotel key (although it isn't supposed to effect credit cards).

I don't like checking baggage, so I'll be sticking everything in my large backpack (which is also a laptop bag). I'll stick a small laptop in there (for video conferencing with the wife & kid), plus all my clothes for the week. Between that, the hoodie, the pants, and the hat, I should be able to stash everything on my body pretty easily. Nothing's better than traveling and only carrying about as much bulk as any other day.

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